Commercial Laundry Owners & Execs: Are hiring, inflation, and lack of customers holding your laundry back?

Owning or Managing a Laundry is Challenging in 2022

  • Servicing the customer just in time and keeping them happy
  • Selling the service to new customers.
  • Getting enough and the right employees
  • Maintaining the equipment
  • Coping with ever higher energy prices and other price hikes
  • Keeping up with technologies like digitalization
  • Not knowing what the next months will bring

The answer is ...

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... the "Laundry Survival Kit."

The basic idea is to provide tools to 

  • Stabilize the processes so that you can 
  • focus on the necessary improvements and
  • have some fun and enjoy the results.

Weekly Emails Actionable Advice in Your Inbox

Peace of Mind with Weekly Emails. Be always on top of things.

There is so much going on every day!

These weekly emails with a 3-10 minutes read help you to keep monthly, quarterly and annual routines in place. 

Weekly Q&A Solving Problems Together

Together we are strong. You can bring any problem to the Q&A session. Let´s solve them together.

Most issues are not unique. Therefore, we facilitate a structured solving of problems amongst professional peers.

You can provide one CEO and one operational topic weekly for the general discussion. For the preparation, you specify the problem and the desired outcome the day before in writing.

We will do the Q&A for the operational issues and then do the CEO questions for top management only.

The transcript of the Q&A will be posted in the forums with a search feature.

Online Courses, Checklists, Valuable Material

Online Courses on various topics. You can consume video, listen to the audio in the car, or just read the summary.

We will publish two new online courses (C-Level/Sales and Operations Management) with valuable checklists and material every month. The topics range from marketing & sales, HR, productivity, maintenance, budgeting, and finances - Everything you need as an entrepreneur and operational leader.

Online Forum Knowledge Base for the Industry

An Online forum with a search feature - a knowledge base in the making.

There are three forums: CEO, operations, and sales.

Each forum provides an opportunity to post success stories and problems alike. You will get fast feedback.

You can quickly look up how various issues have been resolved in the past. Let´s learn form the experience of each one.

Individualization Every Laundry is Different

Onboarding session. Setting individual goals for the next year and the next few weeks.

There is no-out-of-the-box solution for everything. Everyone is in a different situation, and we appreciate that. 

You can also set up a private group with your team and use the platform for collaboration.

Special Features

No Ads, No Salesy Content

Suppliers are welcome to join the open platform but can not access to the forum inside the Group.

Even in the free forum, we ensure that everyone complies with strict rules. (no salesy content, no unwanted approaches)

The platform shall be a relaxed experience for laundry professionals.


This is the first international platform for the exchange of know-how in the industry.

The group Q&A is at noon EST for America and 10:00 CET for the rest of the world.

It is an excellent opportunity to learn from other parts of the world.

So let´s break down the boundaries; we are on the same journey.

Like Facebook, but without distractions

Check it out. The features are very similar to Facebook and LinkedIn with the benefit that there is no distraction.

The purpose of social media is to keep you addicted to that you have not asked for.
The purpose of LeanLaundry is to help you to be successful. Full stop.

ISO 9000 compatible

We believe that the continuous improvement of processes leads to better quality AND a reduction of cost, thus increasing growth and profitability.

The content is compatible with ISO 9000, and there are references in the course material to the various chapters of the standard.

Based on scientific management theories

Everything is based on the Malik Management System, the Theory of Constraints (Goldratt), the teachings of Eduard Deming, Project Management Standards, and the Toyota Production System (Lean Management).

You get a holistic management approach without having to digest much theory yourself.

For Your Team

The CEO has access to everything, and there is a particular forum just for top management.

The user licenses for your team are included, and you can decide who has access to the CEO, operations, and sales content and forums.

You can also set up a private group for your organization.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The program is still in the starting phase. We will, therefore, listen to your specific demands and prioritize the content production for the audience. You will get an extra level of service. In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
No questions asked. We want only satisfied customers.

Celebrate Success

We give genuine feedback. The main aim is your success, and we want to celebrate each small step along the way with you. We are humans and want to achieve, but we also want to be proud of our work.

Managing a laundry business shall be fun.

Mr. Wozabal is goal-oriented, passionate and highly efficient, and reliable. So it makes a difference, having the support of Mr. Wozabal to finally solve the problems of the laundry and set new goals.

At the same time, working together is fun!
Within the first few weeks, we have set strategic and operational goals and made decisions that will improve our profits in the long run. For example, we have designed a new market presence, reorganized the sales process, and started the introduction of UHF technology. In addition, to reduce the cost, we implemented the first process optimizations.
If you want to bring your commercial laundry forward, contact Christian Wozabal. It will be worth it!


Your potential financial benefits

  • 1% more profit margin due to improved customer satisfaction and better preparation for negotiations.
  • 5000$ - 20000$ for each prevented staff turnover. One main aim of the program is to improve communication and empower your team to contribute.
  • 1-2% more profit margin due to increased productivity and reduced WECO Costs.
  • 30-50% additional contribution margin of additional new sales. The CEO consulting includes strategy and marketing plus valuable sales tactics - like social selling. Your success is our success.

Cost of alternative online products


Annual Costs


Weekly Emails


Two actionable weekly newsletters for 200$ each. 

Weekly Q&A


70$ is a typical ticket price for one person for a live webinar.

Online Courses

12 000$

24 Courses for 500$ each. Or you can compare it to one year of training for top management, sales, and plant management.


1 000$

Great value. You get full search capability and instant communication with all participants.

Individualization (Annual Plan)


Value of one 1:1 strategy session.


17 740$

And this is a great deal. A regular consultant would charge 20-50k$ each year.

MOnthly Plan

Fast help without a long-term commitment





  • For 5 users on one site
  • Weekly Email
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Three Online Forums
  • 24 Online Courses
  • 30 days money back guarantee**
Group Plan

For Laundry Groups or Associations


Individual Pricing

  • Everything from the annual plan
  • Multiple sites
  • Private groups
  • Individual content


Note #1: Additional cost for software licenses not included.

Note #2

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Thirty days money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

We only want satisfied customers.