Commercial Laundry Owners & Execs: Do you have an urgent issue that needs to be resolved?

See How We Can Help You Get Quick Results! #sixmonthssprint

  • On-site analysis of the current situation.
  • Planning of solutions
  • Break-down into 4-6 "sprints"
  • Project management and coaching
  • Celebrating results!
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RFID-Six Months Sprint

From zero to proof of concept with 5 customers within 6 months!

UHF is a new business model.

We start with the contribution of this technology to your strategy, design the processes and workstations and guide with best practice for the implementation at customers.

Problem Solving

Quality issues?
Employee Issues?
Fighting Inflation?
Energy cost exploding?

Let´s analyze the root cause, define a solution and get it done ASAP.

You are not the first to have these issues - Together we find a way to improve..

Financial Planning

Challenges with budgeting during times of inflation?
Financial problems?

We have developed an integrated planning tool especially for textile service.

It includes the P&L, investments, financing and can simulate all different outcomes.

Mr. Wozabal is goal-oriented, passionate and highly efficient, and reliable. It makes a difference, having the support of Mr. Wozabal to finally solve the problems of the laundry and set new goals.

At the same time, working together is fun!
Within the first few weeks, we have set strategic and operational goals and made decisions that will improve our profits in the long run. For example, we have designed a new market presence, reorganized the sales process, and started the introduction of UHF technology. In addition, to reduce the cost, we implemented the first process optimizations.
If you want to bring your commercial laundry forward, contact Christian Wozabal. It will be worth it!


Christian Wozabal

Christian Wozabal

The next Steps ...

.. we need to understand your current situation and what your plans are. Depending on this information, we can decide whether we can help you and whether you are a fit for our management approach.
It is essential that you are a decision-maker and that you are serious about changing the status quo.
In this case, we will offer you a concrete path to get a quick solution.