Commercial Laundry Owners & Execs: Is Inflation, Problems How to Increase Prices, or Financing keeping you up a night?

Live Training: How to Be Profitable in Times of Inflation By Using Our Proven Process of Price Management

+ How To Keep Your Finances in Check

Trainer - Christian Wozabal, CEO - Leanlaundry


  • 2022 Pricing - The little-known sources and tactics for achieving fair prices-increases.  
  • Successful Communication with Customers - The one method you need to use to get your customer to understand your situation. (It can be implemented very quickly.)
  • What to Do if Your Customer Says "NO!" - How to use a proven negotiation system without risking your relationship with the customer.

When? 7/22/2022 at 2 pm Eastern

Where? Zoom - you will receive a link to the webinar, once you have signed up.

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The Webinar is free of charge - it shall be a contribution for the industry in the current times.