Commercial Laundry Owners: Are you stuck in the development of your business?

See How You Can Achieve Long-term Objectives!

  • 2-3x Growth within 5 years w/o more sales effort.
  • Empowerment of your Team
  • Bench-mark profit margin
  • Solid finances
  • Get the reward for being an entrepreneur
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More than just consulting

Next-Level-Laundry is a partnership where we commit to supporting you to achieve your 3-5 years objectives.

Online Sales

Grow your business with even fewer sales efforts using our proven online marketing funnel. Everything is included and done for you.
You shall get 1-2 hot leads every week. No cold sales calls anymore.

Improve Quality, Save Cost & Empower your Team

Implement lean management with 2-4 Workshops on-site every year and additional online training.
This is implemented with customized project management for the current constraints of your business.


You have unlimited access to 1:1 meetings to discuss urgent issues.
We are a sparring partner for your strategy, goals, and budgeting.
We are like a board member dedicated to your success only.

Management Systems for Laundries

Management Systems for Laundries based on the IMS from Fredmund Malik

Laundry Management System

  • Scientific Approach
    The management model is based on the IMS of Malik Management Zentrum in Sankt Gallen.
  • Adapted to the laundry industry
    Hands-on and useable for small and large businesses. 
  • Fast Implementation
    We assess the current state and focus on constraints that will show quick results.

Long term Partnership

We work together to achieve challenging long-term goals.

The aim is to grow your business at least 2x, achieve benchmark profitability, empower your team, and have a strong balance sheet with freedom from banks and investors.

All fees of LeanLaundry shall be amortized with cost savings and an additional new contribution margin within the same year.

Therefore, we will only work together with entrepreneurs that 

  1. focus on customer value, 
  2. have the potential for profitable growth,
  3. want to invest in their business in the long-term,
  4. value their employees and
  5. are able and ready to make decisive decisions.

There is only a limited capacity to take on new clients as partners as we invest a lot in the first months to work out the strategic positioning and get the first quick results.

You can apply here:

Mr. Wozabal is goal-oriented, passionate and highly efficient, and reliable. It makes a difference, having the support of Mr. Wozabal to finally solve the problems of the laundry and set new goals.

At the same time, working together is fun!
Within the first few weeks, we have set strategic and operational goals and made decisions that will improve our profits in the long run. For example, we have designed a new market presence, reorganized the sales process, and started the introduction of UHF technology. In addition, to reduce the cost, we implemented the first process optimizations.
If you want to bring your commercial laundry forward, contact Christian Wozabal. It will be worth it!