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My name is Christian Wozabal. As a like-minded entrepreneur in the industry, I offer customized consulting for your laundry as well as your management in textile service.

I offer a comprehensive development program in simple language. Whether it is strategy, marketing, digitalization, or lean management, together we will look at your individual needs and focus on concrete measures to take your business to the next level, both operationally and financially.

Let's master the current challenges together!

Do you want to reduce staff turnover and increase employee satisfaction?

Do you no longer want to help out in production yourself and want to have more time for your family again?

Do you want an improved structure so that you have more time for essential management tasks?

Do you want to increase production and reduce costs (WECO) to earn enough money?

If YES, then we have a solution!

LeanLaundry supports you with advanced management training, Textile Service 4.0 expertise, and practical tips to navigate current challenges and set the course for future success. 

Contact us for a free consultation, during which we can discuss everything in detail.


Stabilize Processes and Take Your Management to the Next Level

  • All key associates of a location
  • 1:1 onboarding session
  • Online courses especially for laundries
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Annual 1:1 work session 
  • 2 interactive online forums (External + Internal)
  • E-mail support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Project management templates *

(*) Additional costs for software subscriptions not included.

Next level laundry

Grow Your Sales, Team, and Profit
Achieve ambitious goals in 3-5 years.

Individual Pricing

  • The Gold package is included
  • Health-Check (on-site, in person)
  • Strategic Positioning for Growth
  • Rent-a-board-member
  • Online Marketing Funnel for 2x Growth
  • Unlimited 1:1 sessions
  • 2-4 Lean Workshops a Year
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Project Management
  • Success Coaching (whole team)


Through the cooperation with Mr. Wozabal, we have gained a new spirit and motivation. During our discussions, we get new perspectives that help us to specify already existing ideas and thoughts. 

Alexander, Paul und Tim Wagenleitner


Mr. Wozabal is goal-oriented, passionate and highly efficient, and reliable. At the same time, working together is fun! If you want to bring your commercial laundry forward, contact Christian Wozabal.

Frank Besold


The content has made me much more sensitive to the topics of motivation and re-enforcing feedback. I notice that I am now much more involved in praising and thanking our associates. We now know how important it is to create checklists, how to plan and implement meetings.

Paul Wagenleitner


I really enjoy the weekly Q&A sessions in the Next-Level Laundry program with Christian Wozabal. The opportunity to discuss current topics together with Mr. Wozabal plus to get his view of our industry is enormously exciting. 

Dirk Träger


I am currently facing the exciting task of succeeding my parents in our family business. LeanLaundry's Next Level Program is helping me to get prepared for this challenge in the best possible way. Working with Mr. Wozabal has given me a clear structure. Together, we set concrete operational goals which we are now implementing step by step.

Felix Klausmann


I make use of the topics we discussed during our Q&A Session over and over again. It develops and is a growth process that you have to go through. By being reminded of the topics discussed, you also apply them daily. That might not have happened otherwise. The process gives you strength and the power to implement things in the ongoing operations.

Alexander Wagenleitner



Christian Wozabal

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